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Roof Accents: Subtle Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Functionality

Posted on June 3, 2023

Roof Accents: Subtle Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Functionality

Your roof is one of the most important features of your home. Not only does it keep you and your family dry, but it also contributes to your home’s overall curb appeal. If you’re looking for a way to boost your home’s appearance and functionality, roof accents may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

In this blog post, we will discuss what roof accents are, why they are beneficial, and how to add them to your home.

What Are Roof Accents?

Roof accents are features that are added to a roof to enhance its appearance or functionality. They can include metal accents, roof vents, solar panels, and more.

Metal Accents


If you are looking to add visual drama and give your roof a custom look, copper or steel roof accents are a great option! They can make your roof more dynamic while providing some additional protection from water, snow, and ice.

Metal accents can be added as roofing on porches, bay windows, porticos, and cupolas. You can also go all out and replace your aluminum gutters with higher-quality copper ones to beautifully frame your home.

And the best part about metal roof accents is that they are also incredibly durable, so if you invest in these products, you won’t be replacing them in your lifetime!

Roof Vents

You may not think about them much, but roof vents are important to your home. They help extend the life of your roof, reduce energy costs, and lower indoor temperatures. Vents can also prevent damage to your shingles and keep them from cracking.

But just because they’re highly functional doesn’t mean they can’t be attractive! You can choose from a variety of styles and materials so that even your roof vent fits the aesthetic of your home.

Solar Panels


The height of functionality is to add solar panels! And since they go on your roof, it’s best to trust an experienced roofing company to handle the installation. At Bristlewood Roofing, each system we design is unique to the home. We go to great lengths to ensure maximum benefits from every panel we install.

Why Are Roof Accents Beneficial?

There are several benefits that come with adding roof accents to your home. First, they can add value to your property.

Second, roof accents can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Roof accents can achieve this by allowing natural light to enter your home (as with a skylight), providing a way for hot air to escape (roof vents), or by generating power (solar panels).

Third, roof accents can help protect your roof from weather damage. Metal is extremely durable and a great choice for homes in areas that experience extreme weather events.

How to Add Roof Accents to Your Home

There are several ways that you can add roof accents to your home. The first is to install them during the construction of your home. The second, more common option, is to add them after your home has been built. To do this you’ll need to hire an experienced, honest roofing company to install them for you. 

No matter which kind you choose, roof accents are a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal and functionality. Contact our team at Bristlewood Roofing today to learn more about your roof accent options.