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Storm Or Hail Damage? We Can Help! Learn More About Our Emergency Storm Services & Call Now For Relief.

Preparing your home for winter starts with your gutters

Posted on June 3, 2023

Preparing your home for winter starts with your gutters

While they typically don’t attract much attention, gutters are an integral system of your home. They need to function correctly in the face of harsh weather and various outdoor conditions. 

Gutter maintenance and repair can be a messy and dangerous task, so you may opt to utilize gutter professionals to get the job done correctly. However, you may be unsure about when is the best time of year to give us a call. Read on to learn about how preparing your home for winter starts with your gutters!

As the seasons change from fall to winter is the optimal time to tend to your gutters. This time of year is an ideal opportunity to clean and check your gutters and schedule any necessary gutter repair before winter is in full swing. 

Clear your gutters

Leaks and blockages in your gutters can cause dirty water to run down the side of your house, damaging the exterior walls. If left long enough, this moisture can also cause problems in the interior of your home. 

Fall is a good time to completely clear your gutters of any moss, leaves, and twigs before the increased rainfall in the winter. Clearing your gutters can be a difficult DIY job; dangerous and time-consuming. If you need your gutters cleaned or find that there are cracks in plastic or metal gutters, reach out to Bristlewood to schedule your free inspection and professional cleaning.

It’s vital to clear your gutters before the first heavy rain of the season. Additional weight from rain, snow, and ice can result in your gutters tearing away from your home. Not only is this unsightly, but it can also be a safety hazard. By taking the time to clear your gutters and look for weak spots BEFORE winter, you’ll save yourself a lot of effort and money later. 

Check your drainage

It’s a good idea to check your gutters, drains, and around your home’s foundation before winter. Make sure the soil around your foundation hasn’t settled, creating areas for water to pool at your foundation. If you find a low spot, simply fill it in with some soil. Then go around and check your rain gutter downspouts. Make sure water is getting moved away from the home. 

If you’re noticing water is flowing too close to your home, note it and speak to a professional about a gutter extender. Saturated soil around a foundation can create real problems as it freezes and thaws throughout the winter months. 

You want to ensure your gutters are draining properly. Once organic debris builds up in your gutters, it becomes a breeding ground for dangerous contaminants. This can include mildew and mold, which can spread into your home. 

If you don’t check your drainage, you may have to contend with a backup. And when gutters back up, they overflow, and water runs down your home. This speeds up the deterioration of your exterior. It can also lead to deterioration of your foundation, water infiltration in the basement or crawl space, and water settling under your concrete porches and walks.

How a professional can help

Clogged gutters can lead to water damage inside and outside the home. Protect your investment with gutter cleaning, repair, and gutter guard installation by the professional at Bristlewood Roofing. Our high-quality, general maintenance and guards keep debris from building up and forcing water into the roofline of your home or overflowing into the foundation. Reach out to us today to get your home and gutters prepared for winter!